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Retirement Readiness Tasks

When Fidelity Investments asked couples how much they think they will need to save for retirement to maintain their current lifestyle, 48% had “no idea.”

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Recap: Markets Experience Tumultuous January

Record stock market highs retreated as January came to a close. U.S. stocks tumbled toward the end of the month, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) edging back from its much-touted record high above 20,000. The broad-market S&P 500 also retreated, while bond yields remain unchanged for the most part. In the end, the three major domestic stock indices ended slightly up for the first month of the year.

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Is Dow 20,000 a Reason to Celebrate?

Andrew Adams, Market Strategist, comments on the index’s historic high and whether this milestone will have a long-term impact on markets.

January 25, 2017

In many cases, the amount of attention something gets is inversely related to how important it actually is to the markets. In other words, the more the media and weekend investors talk about something, the less impact it generally has on stock prices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting the 20,000 milestone is a perfect example of this phenomenon, and it likely will not matter much in the long run.

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