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Estate Planning

Tips for Setting Up a Pet Trust

Image-1If you were no longer able to, who would make sure your beloved Fido gets his medication? Will he end up at the local animal shelter?

For many clients who own pets, being able to answer these questions with confidence is worth the cost of a pet trust – which, thanks to a Minnesota law that goes into effect August 1, will now be permissible in all 50 states.

Pictured: Right- (Lynn’s) Early, Left top- (Lauren’s) Ally, Left middle and bottom- (Lindsey’s) Lucy & Bentley.

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Estate Planning Tips for Newlyweds

2014 12 Lauren signatureThese are a few tips to help protect yourself and a new spouse when starting your life and finances together:


newslywed1. Make sure to make changes to all beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts.  Too many times these do not get changed and life insurance proceeds will go to an ex-spouse or to parents instead of the intended spouse.

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